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Distinguished Professor Salazar

Philippe-Joseph Salazar is a Distinguished Professor in Rhetoric, in the Faculty of Law.

A graduate in philosophy, politics and literature from Ecole normale supérieure and the Sorbonne (Paris), where he studied under Emmanuel Levinas, Roland Barthes and Marc Fumaroli, and had Louis Althusser as tutor, Philippe-Joseph Salazar is the Director of the Centre for Rhetoric Studies. He is a former Director in Rhetoric and Democracy at Jacques Derrida's foundation, College international de Philosophie, Paris. He is a Fellow of the University of Cape Town and has held a continuous A1 rating since its inception by the academic research rating agency of South Africa. He is the 2008 laureate of the Harry Oppenheimer award as well as a laureate in 2015 of the French Prix Bristol des Lumières (awarded for the best essay in political ideas), for his book on the rhetoric of jihadist terrorism, Paroles Armées ( http://www.lemieux-editeur.fr/Paroles-armees-202.html  ), now published in four languages (Spring 2017: English world-wide release at Yale University Press, and in November 2017 in Arabic).

He is editor-in-chief of "Power of Persuasion", a series devoted to rhetoric and politics at France's oldest publisher in the Social Sciences, Klincksieck and founding editor of the African Yearbook of Rhetoric.

A sought-after speaker, Professor Salazar has held a number of prestigious guest appointments and invitations in France, Russia, Canada, Morocco, Sweden and the United States, and leads a number of international projects in public rhetoric (Morocco, France, Hungary, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Romania,Argentina).

Among his many publications, which span a wide field of enquiry in the theory, history and culture of rhetoric, his African Athens (2002), Amnistier l'Apartheid (2004) and Mahomet (2005), Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa. The Fundamental Documents (2007 co-authored) have garnered special praises. Among his  recent books: Paroles de Leaders (2011) and De l’art de séduire l’électeur indécis (2012) have helped familiarise the French public with rhetoric in public affairs. Paroles armées (2015) has attracted a wide international media attention. His latest book, Blabla République was published in January 2017. http://www.lemieux-editeur.fr/Blabla-Republique-fait-parler.html

Read his regular chronicles on French public intellectual site Les Influences, and his invited contributions to Le Nouvel ObservateurAtlántico and Centre français de Recherche sur le Renseignement.

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